• 2.) Monitoring ( 3 ) (06.02.2018)
    Informix Monitoring
    direct supported by CURSOR
  • 1.) Support - Heli (21.02.2018)
    Support Call - 0049 641 400 00
    Mail - support@cursor-distribution.de
  • 3.) Admin-Scout (01.07.2020)
    CURSOR Admin-Scout
    Informix Administration and Monitoring
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Service & Support for IBM Database Systems

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Administration and Monitoring

  • Administration of IBM databases adapted to customer requirements.  
  • Analysis, monitoring, support, up to 24x7 support for systems with high availability requirements.
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  • Services for all data management requirements.
  • Booking via service packages or individual agreement of services.
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  • IBM database support request.
  • Support tickets, also without IBM product maintenance, directly bookable via webshop.
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Release Newsletter

  • Don't miss a bugfix or update for Informix.
  • Register for our Release Newsletter.
  • Up-to-date information about updates within 24 hours via E-Mail.
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Product Lifecycle

  • View product lifecycle information on Informix or IBM Db2 directly here.
  • Detailed information about availability, end-of-marketing (EOM) and end-of-service (EOS) dates.
  • IBM Announcement or Product Withdrawal announcements, with information on product replacements.
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Bug Research

  • Bug research of the CURSOR Service Distribution for Informix and IBM Db2.
  • Powerful full-text search for problems and solutions.
  • Problem description, identification, processing status, solutions and workarounds.
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News & InfomrmationsNews & Infomrmations

News & Informations

IBM Software for ISVsIBM Software for ISVs

IBM Software for ISVs

Informix MonitoringInformix Monitoring

Informix Monitoring

Admin-Scout MonitoringAdmin-Scout Monitoring

Admin-Scout for Informix