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Informix Migration & Trade-Up

Informix / Migration & Trade-Up

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Order an analysis, we plan the implementation together with you.
Assistance in the execution, assumption of tasks, system check.
Informix / Migration & Trade-Up – basic package from 1.320,- Euro

In the course of a migration from one to another database system, for example from Oracle to Informix or DB2, the existing application and the used programming languages and scripts have to be checked. Dialects in the field of SQL, especially if they are outside of the SQL standards, have to be identified and discussed with the involved persons.

Adjustment necessities of the applications have to be identified and interface topics have to be made clear.

In the course of a Trade-Up inside a database platform changes of standards and interfaces have to be analyzed.

Dependencies of client and server software shall be revealed and discussed.

This contains mainly:
  • Analysis of SQL specifications of the source and target DBMS

  • Use of interfaces and ways of access on the DBMS

  • Analysis of access routes and the clients involved

  • Advices for necessary adjustments of interfaces, schemes or applications

  • Definition of data migration and Trade-Up paths

  • Determination of chronological frame conditions and if necessary parallel data availabilities (Grid)

  • Check-up of the system and data consistence after finishing the migration or the Trade-Up

The scope of a migration or a Trade-Up depends on many parameters and requirements. Therefore the complexity and the scope have to be elaborated and determined together with the customer.
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