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    • Innovator-C   2 Cores |   8 GB
    • Developer      4 Cores | 16 GB
    • Workgroup   24 Cores | 32 GB

    Informix 14.10.xC2

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IBM Informix product lines

From small boxes to global companies

Embedded in hardware, Informix starts with an installation size of 80 MB (megabytes). Based on this, the special architecture allows dynamic scaling up to high-performance - zero-downtime applications and large databases with terabytes of data.

The Informix Advanced Editions extend the high-end transaction processing with analytic in memory warehouse functions. Transactional workloads and business analytics - even of large corporations - can be executed simultaneously within one database system.

Editions for all types of applications

Informix is the first enterprise database system that is technologically suitable for IoT, Industry 4.0, transactional OLTP and analytic OLAP.

To meet different needs of customers, applications and performance, IBM offers a wide range of editions and licensing models for Informix. Starting with the free editions for the community or for developers, the Express Edition starts with just 260,- EURO per user. The Workgroup Edition, which is of particular interest for medium-sized applications, is offered at around EUR 550,-  per user. For most editions, licensing is available via Authorized User or Processor Value Units.


For software manufacturers or technology partners special pricing and licensing models are available.
Talk to us - CURSOR Service Distribution is your contact to IBM ESA/OEM business!

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Start here with the selection of your edition:
pfeil unten 40x40Community Free & Low-Cost
pfeil unten 40x40High-End Online Transaction
pfeil unten 40x40In-Memory Data Warehouse
  • Informix Innovator-C Edition
    Free of charge Community Edition for Informix beginners or small applications

    The Innovator-C is a free of charge edition for training and testing scenarios.
    Ideal for Informix beginners and low-cost projects, Innovator-C Edition can also be used for commercial applications.
    Direct download from the IBM website.

    Scope and functions

    Against the background of offering an edition for commercial use without license costs, the Innovator-C is limited to the use of two CPU core, a maximum of 8 GB memory and 50 GB data.

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  • Informix Express Edition
    Ready for IoT and Industry 4.0
    the database for ISVs and OEMs

    Informix Express Edition is an entry-level solution for common applications with an embedded database.
    Reliability, self-configuration, minimal administration - NoSQL and sensor data functionality - make the Express Edition the preferred embedded data management platform for ISVs and OEMs.

    Scope and functions

    The Express Edition includes the maximum use of 4 CPU cores and 8 GB of main memory.
    Like all Informix editions, Express Edition has native TimeSeries / Sensor Data functionality.
    HDR, SDS and Enterprise Replication are possible with one or two nodes.

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  • Informix Developer Edition
    Free developer edition with all options for developers and system architects

    The Informix Developer Edition has all the features of the Enterprise Edition. In addition, there is the optional Storage Optimization feature.
    For use in development and test environments, Informix Developer Edition is free of charge.
    Direct download from the IBM website.

    Scope and functions

    Exclusively intended for development and testing, the Developer Edition (v14.10.xC2) is limited to the use of four CPU cores, maximum 16 GB main memory and 8 GB data.

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  • Informix Workgroup Edition
    Simply powerfull - the database for medium-sized enterprises

    Powerful and cost-effective - the database solution for mid-sized companies and branches.
    The Informix Workgroup Edition has been industry-proven for years and is preferred by manufacturing, commercial and shipping companies.
    Thanks to easy-to-build cluster solutions, the Workgroup Edition is the central building block for high-performance and secure data storage in companies.

    Scope and functions

    Cluster solutions with HDR or SDS are possible with a maximum of two secondary nodes. Enterprise Replication is available without restrictions.

    Maximum 24 CPU cores and 32 GB memory are the main difference between the Workgroup Edition and the Enterprise Edition.

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  • Informix Enterprise Edition
    High-end database for workloads of large companies and international corporations

    When performance and resilience are first and foremost, leading companies in the world rely on Informix. The Enterprise Edition delivers high-end OLTP for global retail, energy suppliers or telecom providers.
    Easy to implement high availability through unlimited replication and cluster properties. Sub-data storage for branch offices through enterprise replication. Combinable and multi-client capable cloud scenarios.

    Scope and functions

    Aside from Data Warehouse, all Informix properties are available without limitation.
    Warehouse functionality is reserved for Informix Advanced Enterprise Edition.

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  • Advanced Developer Edition
    A specially licensed Advanced Enterprise Edition for warehouse developers

    Warehouse and business analytics applications are memory and CPU intensive. In production environments, IBM Processor Value Units are used for licensing.
    For warehouse developers, Informix Advanced Developer offers a cost-effective alternative by licensing individual users.

    Scope and functions

    The Informix Advanced Developer Edition is the same as the Advanced Enterprise Edition and offers Authorized User (AU) licensing for individual users. Their use is limited to development and test environments.

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  • Advanced Workgroup Edition
    The Informix Advanced Workgroup Edition was discontinued in spring 2019 with the introduction of Informix version 14.10 and is no longer available!

    Decision making in seconds based on transaction data.
    Informix Advanced Editions enables to build extremely fast data warehouse applications. They combine transaction processing OLTP and in-memory warehouse analyses OLAP in one database system.
    The Advanced Workgroup Editione includes five User IBM Cognos Business Intelligence licensing

    Scope and functions

    Corresponds to the Informix Workgroup Edition and also includes the Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA) as a warehouse component.
    The edition is limited to 16 CPU cores and 16 GB memory for the Workgroup Edition and 1,600 PVU and 48 GB memory for the Warehouse Accelerator.

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  • Advanced Enterprise Edition
    Fastest data warehouse and online transaction processing

    Informix Advanced Enterprise Editions is the unlimited platform for applications with very high transaction volumes and simultaneous analysis - high-end OLTP and extremely fast data warehouse in one database.
    The included Storage Optimization feature increases performance and lowers storage costs, especially interesting for companies with high data volumes.

    Scope and functions

    Equivalent to Unlimited Informix Enterprise Edition. The Advanced Enterprise Edition also includes the Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA), as a warehouse component, and the Storage Optimization feature.

    The Informix Warehouse Accelarator prefers its own Linux-based machine.
    Licensing is exclusively via Processor Value Units (PVUs) or Virtual Processor Cores (VPCs).

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