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Admin-Scout - Request a guided tour

Admin-Scout - Request a guided tour

Invest 45 minutes and get to know the admin scout in a guided tour.

We show you the Admin-Scout live in a real application environment.
Ask for a guided tour and become familiar with the Admin-Scout in a simple way.

Tour 1 – Scout Basics

The Admin-Scout is much more than a tool for administration and monitoring. In the Tour Scout Basics we present the essential components and their interaction. The Admin-Scout Dashboard bundles all important information for the daily administration and is at the same time the entrance to further detailed analysis. We show you how you can receive meaningful status reports on a daily basis and what benefits you can derive from the Admin-Scout.

Tour 2 – Administration Inside

This tour is for the experienced Informix Administrator. Administration Inside deals in more detail with the contents of administration, monitoring and alerting. The configuration of service levels, sensors and thresholds is just as much a part of the tour as detailed reporting with drill-down functions. The evaluations for DBSpaces, DB-Objects, parameters and memory management are examined more closely.

Tour 3 – Performance Special

This tour focuses on performance. Bottlenecks in the configuration of important parameters, the DBSpaces and Chunks, are addressed and relevant statistics for I/O, Waits, Checkpoints etc. are explained. The SQL trace is used to analyze slow and resource-intensive SQL statements. We will also discuss the index structures, sequential scans and additional tuning options.

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  • All tours are planned for approx. 45 minutes.
  • Tour 2 and Tour 3 require Tour 1.
  • A TeamViewer or WebEx session is required for participation.
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