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IBM Informix Documentation

Here you can find the documentation for Informix versions 14.10, 12.10, 11.70 and 11.50.

You have online access to the IBM Knowledge Center, can view the documentation as PDF or download it as a packed documentation CD directly here.

Please select the Informix version you are interested in:

Version 14.10Informix 14.10 Documentation
Version 12Informix 12.10 Documentation
Version 11.70Informix 11.70 Documentation
Version 11.50Informix 11.50 Documentation

The IBM RedBooks for Informix are a good supplement to the documentation. The Informix RedBooks are usually written by Informix developers and address specific topics. Here is a selection of the interesting IBM RedBooks for Informix. The IBM RedBooks are free for download.

IBM RedBooksIBM RedBooks for Informix
Informix EditionsInformix Editions
Informix Editions
IBM NewsletterIBM Newsletter
IBM Newsletter
Current BugsCurrent Bugs
Current Bugs
Bug ResearchBug Research
Bug Research
Bug FixlistsBug Fixlists
Bug Fixlists
Release NotesRelease Notes
Release Notes
Machine NotesMachine Notes
Machine Notes
Release NewsRelease News
Release News
Product LifecycleProduct Lifecycle
Media DownloadMedia Download
Media Download