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Informix Installation

Informix / Installation

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Order planning and installation of your Informix database system here.
Analysis of requirements, planning of prerequisites, installation, test, documentation.
Informix / Installation – basic package from 1.320,- Euro
  • Evaluation of the characteristic of the customer applications (Solutions) which access the data base (OLTP, DSS)

  • Analysis of the involved interfaces (JDBC, ODBC, etc.)

  • Analysis of the infrastructure (local, remote, 2-tier, 3-tier, ...)

  • User and access analysis (number, behavior)

  • Calculation of the needed ressources (network, RAM, storage, CPU, ...) per user and total

  • Planning of the installation of possible Client-Software (CSDK, ISQL, etc.) and interfaces to third systems (via ODBC, JDBC, etc)

  • Planning and documentation of the DBMS' primary configuration

  • Consideration of security scenarios in terms of availability, max. Downtime, memory and hardware services

The performances time volume will be defined after the recording of the requirements and arranged with the customer.
Planning, installation and setup of your Informix environment!
Ask for our service package Informix Installation!

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