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Informix Monitoring

Monitoring and administration individually tailored to the needs of the customer!

Discuss your requirements with us.

We support you in the administration of your Informix database systems - individually adapted to your needs.

Our services range from preventive monitoring with bottleneck analysis, direct integration into escalation and alerting, up to 7x24 support for systems with high availability. This includes short reaction times and fixed contact persons in our support.

As a basic tool for monitoring we usually use the "Admin-Scout for Informix".

All measures are always carried out in direct coordination with the system support on the part of our customers.

For general routine tasks we offer two standard packages:

  • Sout-Admin and Scout-Ultimate.

The range of services offered by the packages is for your orientation, both packages can be booked in our webshop.

contact form 600x109Please contact us for individual arrangements.

Scout-Admin / Administration
  • Assigning CURSOR with the standard administration for your Informix database.
  • Relief of routine tasks, controlled monitoring, bottleneck prevention, adjusted to your needs.

Scout-Admin includes extensive support in Informix administration by our support staff. Performance data and system states are monitored and evaluated via daily monitoring. Alerts are sent to the customer's administration and also directly to CURSOR Informix support. Our employees check the reports for any need for action and initiate the necessary steps.

view product 600x109All administrative activities are coordinated and carried out in consultation with the customer's IT department.

Scout-Ultimate / 7x24 Support
  • Standard administration and 7x24 support for systems with high availability.
  • Preventive monitoring, alerting, short response times and named contact persons in our support

Scout-Ultimate includes the same features as Scout-Admin and additionally a 7x24 hours support with short response times.

view product de 600x109The Scout-Ultimate Standby applies to Prio-1 cases (system down) outside of CURSOR's regular business hours. Customers have direct telephone contact with one of our support staff.