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The Informix Newsletter 2023/Q3Informix Newsletter is a spark plug

Issue 2023/Q3 now available!

The current newsletter focuses on the "sysadmin database". The newsletter team has picked up some interesting TechTips on this topic:

  • News
  • TechTip: PDQ warning in online.log (sysadmin default)
  • TechTip: PH_TASK - auto_crsd (Compress/Repack/Shrink/Defragment)
  • TechTip: TASKS in the database sysadmin
  • TechTip: Who is blocking my „alter table" ? (Error -242)
Many thanks to the authors of this issue!
  • Andreas Legner - INFORMIX Advanced Support | HCL Technologies
  • Martin Fuerderer - INFORMIX Development | HCL Technologies
  • Gerd Kaluzinski - IBM Expert Lab DACH, Consultant Data & AI Software

pdf Informix Newsletter 2023/Q3 HOT File Size 368.27 KB Date2023-10-01 Download

All Informix newsletters are available at our site for reading and downloading.newsletter archive de blue 1100x100
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By the end of 2017, the editorial team, consisting mainly of IBM and HCL Informix employees, had published 125 issues of the popular Informix newsletter. With the integration of HCL into the further development of Informix, personnel changes followed. In the end, it was the EU guidelines of the GDPR that prevented further distribution among IBM.

With the logistic support of the German Informix User Group (IUG) the proven team is now back, offering the latest news, technical tips and tricks around Informix.


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