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Hildebrand IOT Data deliver revolutionary new services (2014-04)

Informix - Internet of Things
Harnessing data captured from the Internet of Things to deliver revolutionary new services

Hildebrand is helping a new wave of clients who have tried – and failed – to tackle the big data challenge of sensor data using traditional relational databases. “Informix differs from conventional technology, meaning that we don’t have to queue up large backlogs for analysis, and we can run ad-hoc analysis without reprocessing all the data,” says Josh Cooper, CEO.

The need
With intelligent sensors capturing data on every aspect of life, how can businesses process and understand all this data to unlock new insights, exceed customer expectations, and gain competitive edge?

The solution
The Hildebrand Smart platform – built on IBM® Informix® and using Hildebrand’s unique machine learning extensions – captures, processes and analyzes big data in real time for actionable insights.

The benefit
Insight at the speed-of-thought across all data sources unlocks the potential to transform every aspect of daily life, and supports fast development of innovative data-driven web and mobile applications.

 Hildebrand IOT Data deliver revolutionary new services (2014-04)


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