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IBM Informix Dynamic Server Storage Optimization

IBM® Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS) now offers data compression technology in the Storage Optimization Feature, available in April 2009 with the 11.50.xc4 release. IDS is sharing the same great technology first introduced in DB2® LUW which has been a huge success for DB2 customers.

IDS provides full online support for turning on storage optimization and compressing existing table data while applications continue to use the table. This means that no system downtime is required to utilize the IDS storage optimization technology.

Customers have been able to achieve up to 80 percent savings in storage, depending on their data characteristics. A reduction in data volumes also means less time to complete backup and restore operations. Many customers have experienced up to a 20 percent performance improvement in their applications due to less I/O and improved bufferpool utilization. 

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