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Package IV: Performance Tuning


Content of this package is the performance optimization of a database installation against the background of the actual, medium term and future requirements.

The main points are optimization based on growing data amounts (archiving, etc.) and the necessity of access optimization.

Thereby, besides a configuration analysis, a user interrogation is to budget for identifying concrete problem zones. This way Performance Tuning can increase the complete system's acceptance.

Performance Tuning contains mainly:

  • Configuration analysis based on experience and version information of the DBMS
  • Analysis of the protocol files regarding performance relevant entries
  • Interrogation and evaluation of problem zones in particular application fields with the goal to analyze concrete execution times
  • SQL Tracing with the goal of execution optimization on the database or alternatively in operation directives directed to development
  • Analysis of shortage factors (resource stress)
  • Optimization advices

If possible at least one reboot should be done during the assignment duration to check the effectiveness of alternative configurations or optimization measures. If possible adjustments of the application itself can later be supported (price calculation related on effort).

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