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Service Packages

Our service packages work directly in the environment
of your application.160 F 30178441

For the most important tasks we have defined five standard packages. Each package is presented with a short overview over the functional backgrounds and performances. The packages are examples. Of course are different combinations or additional tasks and performances possible. Please speak with us, if you have a special case of application. Send an inquiry to our service packages.

Package I: Installation


Package I contains performances which goal it is to install and configure a database system according to defined requirements.

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Package III: High Availability


High Availability is more than Backup and Recovery.

The aim must be to evade breakdowns, respectively the supply of redundant and synchronized ways of access. Based on defined breakdown scenarios alternative ways of access in spread systems can be defined.

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Package V: Database Migration/Trade-Up


Content of this package is the individual advisory service regarding the migration or the Trade-Up of a single database system.

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Package II: Backup & Recovery

Backup & Recovery

This package is a counsel to backup strategy. Existing service levels are being detected and checked, new service levels are being defined.

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Package IV: Performance Tuning


Content of this package is the performance optimization of a database installation against the background of the actual, medium term and future requirements.

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