• Admin-Scout (12.09.2019)
    the best tool for Informix administrators
  • Monitoring relaxed (12.09.2019)
    Informix Monitoring
    relaxed - thanks to the CURSOR Informix Team
  • Upgrade (23.10.2019)
    • Innovator-C   2 Cores |   8 GB
    • Developer      4 Cores | 16 GB
    • Workgroup   24 Cores | 32 GB
    Informix 14.10.xC2
    Upgrade for small editions
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Service and Support for Informix Administrators

Active support by CURSOR for your Informix database systems

  • Through system-oriented tool development and more than twenty years of support experience (second level), our employees have very deep technological knowledge of Informix.
  • The result of this work is many years of direct contact with Informix developers, support staff and product managers - worldwide.
  • The development of the Admin-Scout, our software tool for administration, monitoring and tuning of Informix, is the basement of the high performance standard we offer our customers.

From a visit by an IT manager with high-performance, business-critical OLTP systems and 24x7 support by CURSOR:

„On the way to CURSOR we asked ourselves why this meeting is necessary today - we have no Informix problems at all."
„Thank you - that's exactly our job“
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Service for Informix 

  • Project planning and project support for Informix systems. Consulting, Audit, Documentation.
  • Migration, data management, interface planning.
  • Optimization - runtime analysis, slow statements bottlenecks, performance tuning.
  • Security - access control, encryption, archiving.
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Administration and Monitoring of Informix Database Systems

  • Standard administration by CURSOR.
  • 24x7 support by CURSOR with short response times for systems with high availability.
  • General monitoring, alerting, recommendation of measures.
  • Support in administration - Remote Admin or Standby Admin in case of need.
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Tools for Administrators

  • Admin-Scout for Informix.
  • Bug research for Informix.
  • Informix lifecycle.
  • Informix Releaseinfo by newsletter.

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