• 3.) Admin-Scout (12.09.2019)
    das beste Administrations-Tool für Informix
  • 2.) Monitoring relaxed (12.09.2019)
    Informix Monitoring
    entspannt - dank dem CURSOR Informix Team
  • Upgrade (23.10.2019)
    • Innovator-C   2 Cores |   8 GB
    • Developer      4 Cores | 16 GB
    • Express          8 Cores | 16 GB
    Informix 14.10.xC2
    Upgrade für kleine Editionen
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Informix Lizenztexte

Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl aktueller Lizenztexte zu den IBM Informix Produkten.

Lizenzierung kann im Detail ein kompliziertes, aber auch ein lohnendes Thema sein.
Die richtige Lizenzierung schafft Sicherheit für die Anwendung und Kostenvorteile in der Nutzung. 

Ob für bestehende oder geplante Installationen, gerne beraten wir Sie bei Lizenzfragen zu Informix.


The Programs listed below are licensed under the following terms and conditions in addition to those of the International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs.

Program Name: IBM Informix Innovator-C Edition V11.70
Program Number: 5725-A38

Supporting Programs

The Program is licensed as a multi-product package and includes the Supporting Programs identified below. Licensee is authorized to install and use such Supporting Programs only to support Licensee's use of the Principal Program under this Agreement and within the limits of the Proofs of Entitlement for the Program (unless broader rights are provided elsewhere in this License Information document). The phrase "to support Licensee's use" would include only those uses that are necessary or otherwise directly related to a licensed use of the Principal Program or another Supporting Program. The Supporting Programs may not be used for any other purpose. Licensee is not authorized to transfer or remarket the Supporting Programs separate from the Principal Program. The terms of this Agreement may replace or modify the license terms for the Supporting Programs. In the event of conflict, these terms supersede the terms of the license agreement which accompanies the Supporting Programs. When Licensee's right to use the Program expires or terminates, Licensee must discontinue use, destroy or promptly return all copies of the Supporting Programs to the party from whom Licensee acquired the Program. If Licensee downloaded the Supporting Programs, Licensee should contact the party from whom Licensee acquired the Program. If Licensee wishes to license the Supporting Programs for any use beyond the limits set forth above, please contact an IBM Sales Representative or the party from whom Licensee acquired the Program to obtain the appropriate license.

The following are Supporting Programs licensed with the Program:
IBM Informix Client SDK V3.70 5724-C23
IBM Data Server Client V9.7 Fixpack 2

Prohibited Components

Notwithstanding any provision in the Agreement, Licensee is not authorized to use any of the following components or functions of the Program:
DBSpace Prioritization during backup/restore
Recovery Time Objective Policy
Private Memory Cache for VP
Direct I/O for Cooked Files
Parallel query
High Performance Loader
Parallel index build
Parallel backup/restore
Table/Index/DBSpace partitioning
Column level encryption
Storage Optimization Feature
Advanced Access Control
Last commit concurrency
Multiple triggers and views
Web feature service
Node DataBlade
Auto-gather statistics during index build
Point-in-time table recovery
IBM Informix SQL Warehousing Tool
Shared Disk Secondary (SDS)

Separately Licensed Code

The provisions of this paragraph do not apply to the extent they are held to be invalid or unenforceable under the law that governs this license. Each of the components listed below is considered "Separately Licensed Code". IBM Separately Licensed Code is licensed to Licensee under the terms of the applicable third party license agreement(s) set forth in the NON_IBM_LICENSE file(s) that accompanies the Program. Notwithstanding any of the terms in the Agreement, or any other agreement Licensee may have with IBM, the terms of such third party license agreement(s) governs Licensee's use of all Separately Licensed Code unless otherwise noted below.

Future Program updates or fixes may contain additional Separately Licensed Code. Such additional Separately Licensed Code and related licenses are listed in another NON_IBM_LICENSE file that accompanies the Program update or fix. Licensee acknowledges that Licensee has read and agrees to the license agreements contained in the NON_IBM_LICENSE file(s). If Licensee does not agree to the terms of these third party license agreements, Licensee may not use the Separately Licensed Code.

For Programs acquired under the International Program License Agreement ("IPLA") or International Program License Agreement for Non Warranted Program ("ILAN") and Licensee is the original licensee of the Program, if Licensee does not agree with the third party license agreements, Licensee may return the Program in accordance with the terms of, and within the specified time frames stated in, the "Money-back Guarantee" section of the IPLA or ILAN IBM Agreement.

Note: Notwithstanding any of the terms in the third party license agreement, the Agreement, or any other agreement Licensee may have with IBM:
(a) IBM provides this Separately Licensed Code to Licensee WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND;
(c) IBM is not liable to Licensee, and will not defend, indemnify, or hold Licensee harmless for any claims arising from or related to the Separately Licensed Code; and
(d) IBM is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages including, but not limited to, lost data, lost savings, and lost profits, with respect to the Separately Licensed Code.

Notwithstanding these exclusions, in Germany and Austria, IBM's warranty and liability for the Separately Licensed Code is governed only by the respective terms applicable for Germany and Austria in IBM license agreements.

Note: IBM may provide limited support for some Separately Licensed Code. If such support is available, the details and any additional terms related to such support will be set forth in the License Information document.

The following are Separately Licensed Code:
AGS Server Studio and Sentinel Release 7


Install is a unit of measure by which the Program can be licensed. An Install is an installed copy of the Program on a physical or virtual disk made available to be executed on a computer. Licensee must obtain an entitlement for each Install of the Program.

Program-unique Terms

1) Redistribution Information

This Agreement does not permit redistribution of the Program; however, a redistribution license may be available under a separate agreement for the binary code versions of the Program. Please contact an IBM Sales Representative or revisit the location from which Licensee obtained the Program.

2) Informix Innovator-C Edition Program Usage Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to licenses to Informix Innovator-C Edition V11.70 Program.

2.1) The total amount of resources allocated to a given Install, including all database instances managed by the Install, cannot exceed:

2.1.1) Install processor limit - 1 socket, total 4 cores (equivalent to 4 CPUVPs)

2.1.2) Install Memory Allocation Limit - total of two (2) Gigabytes of memory allocated (as reflected in the SHMTOTAL tunable parameters of the Program) to support use of all instances of the Program on a single Install. The sum total of all SHMTOTAL parameters set within all instances of the Program in an Install may not exceed 2 Gigabytes of allocated memory, regardless of the amount of physical memory in the physical server.

2.2) Licensee may use up to a total of two (2) Enterprise Replication (ER) nodes, as admin nodes.

2.3) Licensee may use the Program with one (1) Primary and one (1) Secondary Install nodes. The Secondary Install could be either a High-availability Data Replication (HDR) or Remote Secondary Server (RSS) node. Secondary Install node may perform both read and write queries and operations.

2.4) Prohibited Components
Notwithstanding any provision in the Agreement, Licensee is not authorized to use any of the following components included with the Program:

3) The following terms apply to the SNMP Research Intl EMANATE modules: Master Agent for 32-bit Red Hat Linux WS 3 (XS6), 64-bit Red Hat Linux 4 WS (Opteron); Subagent Development Kit for 32-bit Red Hat Linux WS 3 (X86), 64-bit Red Hat Linux 4 WS Opteron) modules:

Licensee may not reverse engineer or decompile the modules, except as allowable by applicable law.
Licensee may load, store, create and list the modules.
Licensee may not copy, modify or distribute the modules.
Licensee may only use the modules in conjunction with the Program.

D/N: L-GHUN-888S4H
P/N: L-GHUN-888S4H

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