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Admin-Scout - start a demo session

Admin-Scout for Informix - start your demo session Start

Dear Visitor,

the Admin-Scout demo session runs within a VM on an Informix Innovator-C database.

You can test all features of the Admin-Scout (Informix Control Center).

However, you have no access to the items Configuration, Time Settings and Backup/Restore. Here we offer slide shows for an overview.

The following tools are available:
backup blue 96x96ICC Informix
Control Center
clockblue 96x96 Time setting / Service status (Slides)
gear blue 96x96 Configuration of the Admin-Scout (Slides)
backup blue 96x96 Backup / Restore and Update (Slides)
Installed Version:
Admin-Scout 3.3 / November 2022
info blue 96x96 Help for the Admin-Scout
(english version) - (Hilfe auf Deutsch)

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