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Informix 14.10 - Client-SDK support for 32-bit applications

toolsMany applications based on Informix have two things in common: existential importance for the company and exceptionally long periods of use. It is not surprising that many long-established solutions are available as 32-bit versions.

With the introduction of Informix 14.10 in April 2019 and the current Client-SDK 4.5, HCL and IBM no longer offer 32-bit portings for the new versions.

For software engineering reasons, many 32-bit applications can only be ported to 64-bit with great effort. Will these applications not be able to run on Informix 14.10 in the future?

The main question is, will 32-bit applications continue to be supported, and if so, for how long?

CURSOR recognized this problem early and pointed out the need for a solution to IBM and HCL.

Main contacts were made at the IBM Informix Days at the beginning of June in Munich. Pradeep Muthalpuredathe (Technology Director, Head of Engineering Informix) and Shawn Moe (Chief Architect Informix Development), both from HCL, offered their support.

The Request for Enhancement (RFE-134161) submitted by CURSOR at the end of June and further communication with HCL, led to an statement being published on the IBM website at the end of July. Many thanks to Shelly Clark (Client Advocacy Manager, HCL) for coordinating our efforts!

As a solution IBM / HCL offer the 32-bit compatibility of the client SDK version 4.1 with Informix 14.10.

While Informix Client SDK 4.5 is still only available in the 64-bit version, long-term support for 32-bit applications and Informix 14.10 is promised for the Client SDK 4.1. This ensures long-term support for 32-bit legacy software.

We are very happy that we could be the initiator of this request and that a good solution was found.
Further information:
Visit IBM Support Website: Support for 32-bit applications with Informix 14.10
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