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Informix V14.10.xC2 Editions offer extended Limits

Informix 14.10. extended limitsInformix Release 14.10.xC2 of September 2019

For the Informix Developer- and Informix Innovator-C Editions, IBM increases CPU and memory usage limits with release 14.10xC2.

The increase makes Informix even more attractive for small and medium-size applications.

The upgrade was made without a special announcement - through changes in the license terms with the release of Informix 14.10.xC2.

Customers who upgrade to this version with a new license or an update as part of their product maintenance, will benefit from the enhancements. The extensions do not apply to older releases, also because the limits are fixed in the source.


for the Informix Workgroup Edition, the limits have already been increased from 16 GB to 32 GB main memory
and up to 24 CPU cores with release 14.10.xC1 of April 2019.


  Developer Edition Innovator-C Edition Express Edition Workgroup Edition
Extended limits
CPU VP / Cores max from 1 up to 4 from 1 up to 2 actual 4 from 16 up to 24
Memory maximal from 1 GB up to 16 GB from 2 GB up to 8 GB actual 8 GB from 16 up to 32 GB
Storage maximal (8 GB unchanged) from 8 GB up to 50 GB (unlimited unchanged) (unlimited unchanged)
Valid from version
v14.10.xC2 v14.10.xC2 v14.10.xC3 (extended with Release  v14.10.xC1)
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