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Software withdrawal and support discontinuance

IBM Informix Genero


Effective on dates shown, IBM(R) will withdraw from marketing and withdraw from support the following programs licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement: IBM Informix Genero - Program number 5725-D13

  • Withdrawal from marketing September 1,2015
  • Withdrawal from support September 30, 2016

IBM Informix Genero, an application development environment that helps customers create innovative database applications and modernize existing 4GL code, is a product IBM offers through an OEM relationship with its partner Four Js. To better serve clients and deliver the latest Genero enhancements to them in the most timely manner, IBM is entering a new delivery phase of this product. Effective September 1, 2015, IBM will transfer the sale of Genero licenses to Four Js. Support for current customers will continue to be available from IBM until September 30, 2016. IBM considers Genero to be the best path forward for customers wishing to modernize Informix 4GL applications.

IBM and Four Js have agreed to provide a way for existing customers with IBM Informix Genero, who are currently enrolled in IBM support, to convert their IBM Informix Genero license and support to Four Js Genero. Four Js Genero is a functionally-equivalent product. This is an optional migration, and clients who do not wish to migrate may continue to use their existing product. Existing support of Informix Genero remains in effect with IBM through the End of Service date of September 30, 2016.

If a customer chooses to migrate to Four Js Genero at the end of their IBM support, their licenses will be traded in and replaced with the equivalent Genero licenses. After converting, a customer will be under Four Js EULA for these licenses. Once migrated, new licenses of Four Js Genero can be purchased from Four Js.

This offer to migrate to Four Js' products expires when the client's support terminates, either due to reaching the end of service date or due to reaching the end of their subscription and support with IBM.

Informix Genero will not be available for inclusion in any ASL, OEM or ELA contract after September 1, 2015. Such customers should contact Four Js. IBM will assist in finding the correct contact at Four Js.

Every effort will be made to contact existing customers by email. Any customer who has not been contacted and wishes to take advantage of the conversion offer should contact their IBM representative.


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