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IBM Informix
and the Internet of Things

White Paper by Bloor
Author Philip Howard
Publish date July 2016

Informix, one of the databases offered by IBM, has a long and illustrious history. In particular, it is well known as a platform for supporting applications developed by third parties and ISVs, primarily for use in transactional environments. This is because Informix is a robust offering that combines high performance and functionality with minimal administrative requirements.

However, this paper does not discuss these features of the product in any detail. Instead, we are here concerned with the use of IBM Informix within Internet of Things (IoT) environments. Indeed, we can start by saying that IBM Informix is IBM’s database of choice for IoT deployments, which should be reassuring to any existing users that might have been concerned about continuing investment into this database product.

View White Paper on IBM Website

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