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Informix Release Newsletter

Missed update or bug fix?
It must not be!

Information about updates for IBM Informix Software within 24h automatically per e-mail.

release-newsletter-37357255-135x180Anytime the IBM releases new versions or FixPacks for Informix Software we will contemporarily send a newsletter to you which will inform you about the changes.

If you subscribe here, you will receive a Newsletter anytime a version or FixPack appears on IBM Fix Central.



Informix Lifecycle

39525146-informix-life-107x160Here you find the actual subversion to each main version. You see when the EOS (End-of-Support) of the respective main version is pronounced. Anytime a new Informix-Version is provided on IBM Fix-Central this table will be actualized immediately. If you want to be informed by us when a new version is provided by the IBM please subscribe to our Release Info. This newsletter is exclusively used to inform about the publication of new releases. Here you can see the previously posted newsletters.

Also versions that are no longer available on IBM Fix-Central can be found in our download-area. If you should need even older versions, just ask us. We still have many old and very old versions in our archive.

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Informix Machine Notes

36737636-informix-avail-160x107Here you find actual Machine Notes to Informix Products that we prepared for you.

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Informix Release Notes

36737636-informix-update-160x107Here you find actual Release Notes to Informix Products that we prepared for you.

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Informix bug research

36782962-107x160Here you can research in the database of reported problems and solutions.

For few articles is a registration required. These articles are labeled with a lock symbol.

Registration for new users: Here

To register please use the top right link.

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Bug research - how to use

What offers the bugsearch of the CURSOR Distribution to you?

  • Problem description, affected products, processing status, solutions and workarounds are some of the things you can access with our bug search.
  • As the result of a full-text search with a simple formulation of search words you will receive a list of possible bug descriptions.
  • By selecting a single bug you will get to a clear summary of the recent information status to this bug.

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Actual Informix bugs

36783801-107x160Here you can find, daily actualized, the list of reported problems assorted after APAR-Numbers.

Due to restrictions of the IBM APAR-Numbers (IBM Informix Problem-Numbers) which are branded with a lock-symbol can only be seen by registered users.

Move your mouse over an APAR-Number to show the bug description in a Tooltip.

If you click on the number, the complete description will appear in a new tab.

For full text search for bug descriptions click here.

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