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IBM Informix Announcement Letters

The IBM Announcements Letters are binding messages of the IBM for positioning, licensing and the product's distribution!

ZP16 0550 560x255IBM Informix for Big Data bundle 
improved data analytics and management experience
(IBM Europe Software Announcement ZP16-0550, dated December 6, 2016)

IBM Informix for Big Data bundle offers improved data analytics and management experience with IBM Informix V12.10 and IBM BigInsights V4.2


IBM Informix for Big Data is a software bundle that delivers two powerful product licensing options in a single offering. With their combined data management and analytical capabilities, IBM Informix V12.10 and IBM BigInsights V4.2 offer deployment flexibility and investment protection. Data intensive organizations are seeking transformative capabilities to accelerate their end to end analytics lifecycle to drive differentiation and competitive advantage. At the same time, funds are limited and any data management investments need to be effective, reliable, affordable, and future proof. IBM Informix for Big Data V1.0 delivers two powerful product licensing options in a single offering that provides clients the flexibility and agility to deploy both Informix and BigInsights as they choose to meet the analytical needs of their current and future business environments.

This single offering provides clients the flexibility to deploy:

  • IBM Informix, a proven technology as a high performance, embeddable database with a small footprint that can scale huge and store and access time series, JSON, NoSQL, and SQL data all in one database.
  • IBM BigInsights, an industry standard Hadoop offering that combines the best of open source software with enterprise-grade capabilities. It helps organizations to cost effectively manage and analyze all kinds of data, including semistructured and unstructured. 

Deployment flexibility

Deploy IBM Informix and BigInsights based on your big data requirements.

Informix is proven technology as an embedded database and has a small footprint with a fully featured enterprise database server that can scale huge. Informix provides fast access to relational, time series, and JSON collections through MQTT, REST APIs, Mongo APIs, and SQL APIs. Informix also provides the ability to ingest and store streaming time series data, allowing for edge analytics and cloud capacity in IoT solutions.

IBM Informix has the following key capabilities:

• Performance
– Offers specialized native support for time series, spatial, and JSON data
– Supports high performance OLTP and warehousing

• Reliability
– Enables simple to use and easy to develop applications
– Runs in embedded environments, with no administration required
– Includes extensive self-maintenance features

• Flexibility
– Runs on micro devices, enterprise data centers, and cloud
– Offers a variety of high availability options
– Lets you scale out or up by dynamically adding and removing servers

IBM BigInsights brings a chargeable production-ready offering with the following powerful data management capabilities:

• Provides SQL capabilities to query the data in Hadoop (Big SQL) and visualize large sets of data in a spreadsheet-like format (Bigsheets)
• Includes native support for the R program language (Big R)
• Includes text analytics, which provides web-based tooling for annotation to help distill unstructured data into meaningful data
• Includes Elite support for IBM Open Platform with Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop


IBM Informix for Big Data Processor Value Unit (PVU) License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months 1.448,00 (PVU pricing - 01.01.2017 Germany/Euro)
IBM Informix for Big Data Processor Value Unit (PVU) Annual SW Subscription & Support Renewal 12 Months 290,00 (PVU pricing - 01.01.2017 Germany/Euro)

Please download and read the complete announcement:


pdf IBM-Informix-Big-Data-Bundle-ZP16-0550-(2016-12).pdf HOT File Size 77.27 KB Date2017-01-12 Download


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