Release notes IBM Informix for AIX and Linux 14.10.xC1

The Release notes provide a list of useful topics and links for when you install an IBM® Informix® database product or fix pack.


IBM Informix 14.10 is available on Linux and AIX operating systems.

System requirements

Minimum disk space and memory requirements:
  • 750 MB of disk space and 256 MB of memory

Many applications require substantially larger systems. Your HCL sales team can help optimize the hardware required for your application.

Refer to the machine notes for more detailed information on system requirements.

Installing IBM Informix 14.10.xC1

The IBM Informix Installation Guide (Installing Informix) is available on the Informix documentation site.

If you are migrating from another version of , make sure that you understand all migration requirements and restrictions before you install the product. For migration information, contact HCL sales team.

Known problems

At time of publication, the following problems were known:
  • Removing users when you uninstall the database server

    If there are multiple installations of the product on the computer, and you are uninstalling one of the products, be careful when you use the Remove users and groups option. Do not remove users or groups that are required by the other installations of the product. If you remove users or groups that are required by the other products, the other products will not start or they will be inoperable.

  • SuSE 15 OS on Linux86_64

    OpenSSL certificates are installed in a different location on SuSE 15. This causes a breakdown in communication between the FlexNet license server and the Informix server.

    • Verify certificate on machine: rpm -qa | grep cert
    • Install the certificate bundle and create the link: rpm -ql ca-certificates-2+git20170807.10b2785-7.3.3.noarch |grep ca-
    • bundle: ln -s /etc/ssl/ca-bundle.pem $INFORMIXDIR/etc/ixRootCA.pem

Related information

  • Notice of deprecation

    The Backup to Amazon Simple Storage Services (AWS S3) provided in the ontape utility is considered deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming release. This feature will be replaced with the same REST based technology used in the Informix Primary Storage Manager, to expand coverage to other cloud providers and enhance functionality.

  • End of support

    The Informix Storage Manager is not a valid storage manager anymore for the ON-Bar utilities. Usage of the old XBSA library with 14.10 is not supported and can lead to unpredictable results including loss of data or inability to restore.

  • Latest open source drivers for Informix:
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