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IBM software for vendors and partners

Integrate IBM software into your solution

With the IBM ESA concept, we offer the right license and pricing model for you

  • IBM Embedded Solution Agreement (ESA) is the IBM distribution model for software vendors and service providers.

  • Benefit from the special purchasing conditions for ESA partners.

  • Ask for individual conditions and licenses - tailored to your solution.

CURSOR Software AG is your IBM Master Distributor for ESA Software

We show you how to become an IBM ESA sales partner and how the integration of IBM software into your solution becomes a successful model. Our focus is on IBM databases and analytics software.

ESA is a concept

As a software manufacturer or service provider, you are the specialist for your solution. You develop the market and know your customers. Use IBM software as part of your solution. By distributing your solution and the integrated IBM software, you are IBM's key partner for market access. IBM benefits from your sales activities, you benefit from the performance of IBM software and the special conditions for ESA partners.


Your profit

IBM offers you the right purchasing conditions for your market with ESA Licensing. This means a lower price and improved margins. Depending on the type of your solution, this may also include a license model that is customized for you or a performance range of the IBM software that differs from the standard.


Your customers

The ESA concept protects you and your market. IBM does not expect any information about your customers - your customers remain anonymous to IBM. You are the single point of contact for your software, including IBM products.


Your licensing

You are the licensor and distribute the IBM components under your license agreement. No additional IBM license agreement is required. In this way, you can offer your customers a one-stop solution.


Your service - additional profit

As part of the overall solution, you are the contact person for product maintenance - also for integrated IBM products. You can conclude maintenance contracts with your customers for IBM components. Product maintenance remains in your hands and does not go to IBM. Secure customer loyalty through long-term support contracts. Participate in the further development of IBM products, increase your profit through support and update maintenance.


three terms - one concept

ESA (Embedded Solution Agreement) has been IBM's official designation for indirect distribution of IBM software since 2016. ESA replaces the terms ASL (Application Specific Licensing Software) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer Software) in IBM usage.

All three terms are based on the same concept - creating value through integration.


How to become an IBM ESA Business Partner

You have a solution and IBM the right software components?

  • We have over ten years of experience in the approval and successful support of IBM technology partners.

  • Discuss your approach to a solution with us, we will discuss the possibilities of the ESA concept and examine the advantages for you.

  • Order IBM licenses, maintenance and support at favorable conditions directly from CURSOR Software AG.

  • Rely on our reliable license and maintenance management when it comes to IBM licenses and renewals.

  • Especially for Informix and Db2 we offer second-level support and we are the direct contact for your support questions.

  • By the way, a ESA partnership is not associated with any sales commitment for you.

Start with IBM ESA Software, just contact us!

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Head of CURSOR Service Distribution

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