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    Partner-related licensing and and pricing
for the integration of IBM Software
    into your solution (OEM/ASL/ESA)

ASL/OEM Lizenzierung
ASL für Ihr Produkt
DB2 Produktlinien
DB2 Lizenzkalkulator
Informix Produktlinien
Informix Lizenzkalkulator
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IBM Software for manufacturer and partners

  • You are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV)?

  • You look for an Application Specific Licensing (ASL)?
Go for the integration of IBM software in your solution:
  • Use of reliable and efficient components of a world market leader.
  • Conditions attuned to your customer and application environment.
  • A separate sales channel, including product maintenance by you and CURSOR.
  • An added value, due to your product and your service.
  • High margins and no access to your clients by IBM.
This is ASL-/OEM Licensing by IBM software with CURSOR!

We have summarized further arguments and how you can become IBM ASL distribution partner in four steps. c181

IBM ASL Licensing for your Product

asl-43800194-160x94Make IBM software to a part of your solution.

Get it the ASL concept and benefit from it.

A Convincing Profit

A Convincing ProfitFind out more about your advantages as an IBM ASL distribution partner

and why ASL licensing a "win-win" story is.

Our Cooperation

Our CooperationPartnership at the highest level and a clear separation between you, IBM, and CURSOR, as the basis for a mutual success.

Becoming IBM ASL Distribution Partner

Becoming IBM ASL Distribution PartnerUncomplicated and without turnover commitments for you. Feel free to contact us!

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