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IBM DB2 V11.1 Editions - features & tools Comparison

The following table summarizes the features and tools available in each edition of DB2 11.1 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows:
DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition
DB2 Direct Advanced Edition
DB2 Enterprise Server Edition  
DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server 
DDB2 Workgroup Server 
DB2 Direct Standard 
Feature / Tool
DB2 Developer
Advanced Recovery Feature (1)  Option  Option  Option  Option  Option
DB2 Performance Management Offering  Yes  Option  Yes  Option  Yes
WHS Design Studio  Yes  -  Yes  -  Yes
WHS SQW  Yes  -  Yes  -  Yes
Cognos Analytics (2)  Yes/No  -  Yes  -  Yes
Data Studio  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Data Server Manager Enterprise  Yes  Yes (3)  Yes  Yes (3)  Yes
Data Server Manager Base  -  Yes  -  Yes  Yes
InfoSphere Data Architect Capabilities  Yes (4)  -  Yes (4)  -  Yes
( 1 ) Optional, separately priced DB2 feature.
( 2 ) Limit to 5 authorized users in Cognos Analytics.
( 3 ) Available with the Performance Management Offering.
( 4 ) Limit to 10 authorized users in Data Architect.

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