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informix-power-250x246cIBM Informix - Simply Powerful

"Informix is one of the worldwide most used relational database systems. In more than 200.000 companies a multiplicity of users work with it - both in the world's biggest companies and in startup- and small companies. The accession rates are explicitly above the ones of the whole market of relational database systems. In addition the Informix solutions convince with a high degree of customer satisfaction and loyality."

icon Cost-benefit-analysis IBM Informix vs. MS-SQL-Server (German) 
     (From: ITG, Los Altos, Cal.)

Informix for ISVs


  • Informix is the database solution for applications with high transaction volume (OLTP). Worldwide leading companies in the sectors trade, transport and telecommunication use Informix as central solution for data, transaction, and information management.
  • Informix offers a legendary stability and reliability with a minimal need of configuration and administration.
  • Informix is stepless scalable, with a smallest footprint for embedded solutions (working from 80 MB), up to high-end enterprise requirements of global companies.
  • High availability solutions and cluster concepts offer security and fit optimal in heterogeneous system landscapes (Informix Flexible Grid).
  • Highest data compression and In Memory Warehouse technology deal with high workloads of sophisticated applications and provide extremely fast business analytics analysis.
  • Attractive license models and an on the ISV's requests balanced price/ benefit proportion, make Informix the ideal database solution for software producers and technology partners.

  • By the way: in the last years Informix was awarded twice with the first place in the category of customer satisfaction (2008 and 2009) and received 56 patents for innovative technologies (source IBM).

Informix Product Lines and Editions

informix12-simplyThe IBM Informix product lines contain a staged portfolio of editions, composed for any number of operational areas and requirements. Here you can find a short overview over the available editions and their features.

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Informix inquiries and orders

BestellungenIdentify their needs and make a request.
We offer non-binding product and price information also for non-registered users.

Here you can find our general conditions for the purchase of IBM ASL/OEM licenses.

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IBM Informix - price information 2018

Below mentioned list contains the basic product prices of the IBM.


iconThe download of the document "PA-IFX-18-01-02-PDF" is only for registered users available. You can register or subscribe here. The download link appears here after a reload.

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Informix service and support


As a high value distributor for information management software we do not sell boxes, but individually fitted solutions.
Our advantage is our experience of working more than twenty years in an Informix environment, collected through close to database tool development and extensive project solutions, in combination with the use of internal Informix know-how.

This over long time grown experience flows directly into our support. We offer more than a standard update support or the re-assignment of inquiries to the IBM. For further support and administration performances, we recommend you a look at our premium support area. You can find there our service packages as well as many useful articles and information about Informix databases. Explain us your task - together we will find a solution!

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