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Informix Roadmap

IBM Informix Release Roadmap – Update March 2020

Planning for Q2 and the second half of 2020

  • Informix 14.10 for IBM Cloud Pack available
  • 14.10.xC4 Fixpack with improved backup functions for secondary’s
  • Further development Informix HQ
  • LinuxONE Platform Support
  • Last cumulative fix release for Informix 11.70
  • ...

Innovations for 2021 (under investigation)

  • Super Scaleout
  • Multi-model Geodetic Support
  • Machine Learning / Self Healing
  • Unicode Phase 2 – expanding limits
  • Developers Delight
  • Always On
  • ...
  Informix Roadmap Informix Roadmap Informix Roadmap
Actual Informix Roadmap download here

pdf-6307 Informix Roadmap 2020 HOT File Size-6307 1.37 MB Date-6307Friday, 24 April 2020 10:35 Download

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Product lines



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Price files

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License texts



Placing ordersPlacing orders

Placing orders

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IBM OEM licensing

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Informix for purchasers

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