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A single database platform delivers maximal performance for multiple workloads

Informix is simple yet powerful data management software that provides a single platform to achieve optimal performance for transactional and analytical applications. It enables organizations to lower costs and consolidate environments for OLTP and OLAP workloads. Using the most current technologies, Informix keeps data always available for real-time transactions and speed-of-thought analytics—helping organizations gain greater business insights for competitive advantage.


  • Deliver fast, always-on access to data in a platform-independent environment
  • Perform speed-of-thought analytics for rapid business decisions
  • Leverage easy-to-use management features to help reduce complexity
  • Enable fast and flexible cloud deployments

IBM® Informix® is one of the world’s most widely used database servers, present in organizations ranging from the largest corporations to start-ups. Informix incorporates design concepts that are significantly different from traditional relational platforms, resulting in extremely high levels of performance and availability, distinctive capabilities in data replication and scalability, and minimal administrative overhead.

icon  IBM Informix powers OLTP and analytics for data driven businesses (2013-03)


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