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Upgrading to Informix 12.10

Understanding the new, enhanced, and discontinued features in Informix 12.10 to better plan the upgrade
Sergio Dias, Software Engineer, IBM

Summary:  IBM® Informix® version 12.10.xC1 comes with striking new features and enhancements in existing features—as well as a few features or products that were removed. Understanding the new, enhanced, and discontinued features is crucial for better planning and determining which functions should be disabled or enabled during the upgrade process. This minimizes the impact of conversion/reversion and results in a smooth upgrade to Informix 12.10. This article provides all the necessary information to help database administrators make an informed decision on setting the 12.10 features during conversion and then changing the settings, if needed, after the upgrade. The article also covers the required steps in case a reversion is needed.

The scope of this article is to cover the upgrade impact that is related to the IBM Informix Database Server 12.10.xC1 and the IBM Informix Client SDK 4.10.xC1 in comparison to Informix Database Server 11.70.xC7 and Informix Client SDK 3.70.xC7.

This article provide all the necessary information about the migration paths to Informix 12.10, the Conversion Guard, the new SQL keywords, the removed features or products, and an overview of new and enhanced features, so you should be able to plan a successful and smooth upgrade to Informix 12.10.

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