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IBM Informix Innovator-C Edition V12.10.xC16

Program ID: 5725-A38

Published date: June 15, 2023

Country: All Countries



The Programs listed below are licensed under the following License Information terms and conditions in addition to the Program license terms previously agreed to by Client and IBM. If Client does not have previously agreed to license terms in effect for the Program, the International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs (i125-5589-06) applies.

Program Name (Program Number):
IBM Informix Innovator-C Edition V12.10.xC16 (5725-A38)

The following standard terms apply to Licensee's use of the Program.

Supporting Programs

Licensee is authorized to install and use the Supporting Programs identified below only to support Licensee's use of the Principal Program under this Agreement. The phrase "to support Licensee's use" would only include those uses that are necessary or otherwise directly related to a licensed use of the Principal Program or another Supporting Program. The Supporting Programs may not be used for any other purpose. A Supporting Program may be accompanied by license terms, and those terms, if any, apply to Licensee's use of that Supporting Program. In the event of conflict, the terms in this License Information document supersede the Supporting Program's terms. Licensee must obtain sufficient entitlements to the Program, as a whole, to cover Licensee's installation and use of all of the Supporting Programs, unless separate entitlements are provided within this License Information document. For example, if this Program were licensed on a VPC (Virtual Processor Core) basis and Licensee were to install the Principal Program or a Supporting Program on a 10 VPC machine and another Supporting Program on a second 10 VPC machine, Licensee would be required to obtain 20 VPC entitlements to the Program.

Supporting Programs:
IBM Informix TimeSeries Plug-in for Optim Data Studio V3.11
IBM Data Server Client V10.1.2

Prohibited Components

Licensee is not authorized to use any of the following components or functions of the Program:
Parallel Operations (DDL/DML/BAR)
Distributed Operations
Private Memory Cache for VP
High Performance Loader (HPL)
Storage Optimization Feature (Compression)
Enterprise Replication (ER)
High Availability Data Replication (HDR)
Remote Standalone Secondary (RSS)
Shared Disk Secondary (SDS)
Updatable Secondary
Informix Warehouse Accelerator
Continuous Log Restore
Label Based Access Control
Web Feature Services
Column-level Encryption
Direct I/O - Cooked File
Point-in-Time Table Restore
Primary Storage Manager
Last Commit Isolation
Multiple Triggers
Recovery Time Policy
Node DataBlade

Modifiable Third Party Code

To the extent, if any, in the NOTICES file IBM identifies third party code as "Modifiable Third Party Code," IBM authorizes Licensee to 1) modify the Modifiable Third Party Code and 2) reverse engineer the Program modules that directly interface with the Modifiable Third Party Code provided that it is only for the purpose of debugging Licensee's modifications to such third party code. IBM's service and support obligations, if any, apply only to the unmodified Program.

The following units of measure may apply to Licensee's use of the Program.


Install is a unit of measure by which the Program can be licensed. An Install is an installed copy of the Program on a physical or virtual disk made available to be executed on a computer. Licensee must obtain an entitlement for each Install of the Program.

In addition to the above, the following terms apply to Licensee's use of the Program.

This Program has been provided to Licensee at no charge.

The following terms of Part 1 of the International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs do not apply: 7. Program Transfer.

1. Usage Restrictions

The total amount of resources allocated to a given Install of the Program, including all database instances managed by the Install, cannot exceed:

1.1 Processor Limit

The Program allows a maximum of one (1) Informix CPU Virtual Processor (as reflected in the NUMCPUVPS tunable parameter of the Program) per Install.

1.2 Memory Allocation Limit

The Program allows a maximum of two (2) Gigabytes of memory allocated (as reflected in the SHMTOTAL tunable parameters of the Program) to support use of all instances of the Program on a single Install, regardless of the amount of physical memory in the physical server.

1.3 Database Size Limit

The Program allows a maximum of eight (8) Gigabytes of database server storage.

L/N: L-ETSH-9CM868
D/N: L-ETSH-9CM868
P/N: L-ETSH-9CM868

All licensing information provided here is for information purposes only and without any warranty!
We refer to the IBM sources as a reference: L-ETSH-9CM868-01-06-2023-zz-en