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Actual news from CURSOR Service Distribution

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  • Informix Techday Munich 2019 (06.05.19)
    European IBM Informix Days 2019 - June 3 and 4 - IBM Watson IoT Center, Munich!
  • Admin-Scout 2.3 - Übersicht neue Features in Version 2.3 (24.05.2019)
    Admin-Scout 2.3. available June 2019
    Focus on security - https and SSL connections set up!
    New modules for scheduler, cluster configuration and DBSpace layout history.
  • Informix VPC Lizenzierung (03.05.19)
    Virtual Processor Core
    the most useful alternative in processor licensing Informix
  • Informix 14 Datenblatt (12.04.19)
    Actual IBM Solution Brief for Informix 14.10 - download here!
  • Informix 14 Doku (11.04.19)
    Important - Informix 14.10 comes with a new installation routine!
  • Informix 14 Announcement (11.04.19)
    Informix 14.10 IBM Announcement / more performance & more security
  • Informix Techday Munich 2019 (06.05.19)
  • Admin-Scout 2.3 - Übersicht neue Features in Version 2.3 (24.05.2019)
  • Informix VPC Lizenzierung (03.05.19)
  • Informix 14 Datenblatt (12.04.19)
  • Informix 14 Doku (11.04.19)
  • Informix 14 Announcement (11.04.19)

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Informix News

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IBM Db2 News

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Admin-Tools News

  • Admin-Scout Newsblog 
    News from the Admin-Scout development and use in Informix Monitoring
    Presentation of new features, application examples and solutions for Informix administration with the Admin Scout.
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Service News

  • CURSOR Service Distribution addresses technology partners who integrate IBM database software into their solutions. This requires a deeper technical understanding of the products. This is where CURSOR Service Distribution differs from other distributors.
  • We make this technical know-how generally available within the scope of our services. In the Service Distribution section, we have added a few articles specifically for Informix Monitoring, Services for Informix and Workshops for Informix.
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Archived articles

  • In order to keep the contents of this website up to date, from time to time we take back articles that are no longer relevant.
  • If a certain article is no longer available, please contact us. We will be looking forward to storing the article again in our article archive.
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