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Informix 14.10 for Application Development

Informix 14.10. WebcastsIBM Community Informix Webcast:
March 24, 2020 / 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (18:00 CET)


The March webinar topic is Informix 14.10 for App Dev.

We hope your clients and your development team can join this session. We will discuss the connectivity options from your applications to your data, various drivers, new features and future direction for enabling applications and development.


Brian Hughes
Informix Software Engineer
HCL Software

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IBM Sub-Capacity licensing for Informix and Db2

Processor-based licensing with full- and sub-capacity in virtual environments

processor sub-capacityIf Informix or DB2 are to be used in virtual environments, the question of how to calculate licenses quickly arises with processor-dependent licenses. Is a calculation based on logical resources sufficient or must the physical hardware be fully licensed?

IBM offers two concepts for this: Full-capacity for the licensing of the entire physical resources, sub-capacity for licensing using the resources of a virtual environment.

This article is a brief summary of the various IBM sources for licensing Informix or Db2 in virtual environments. It introduces the common processor-based licensing and the associated definitions for full- and sub-capacity. This article also provides a summary of the general requirements and important information about the verification requirements when using sub-capacity licensing.

  • Introduction Processor Core

  • VPC - Virtual Processor Core licensing

  • PVU - Processor Value Unit licensing
    PVU - licensing with full-capacity
    PVU - licensing with sub-capacity

  • LUS - Limited Use Socket licensing
    LUS - licensing, full- and sub-capacity

  • Sub-capacity licensing, general requirements and important verification requirements

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Informix V14.10.xC2 Editions offer extended Limits

Informix 14.10. extended limitsInformix Release 14.10.xC2 of September 2019

For the Informix Developer, Informix Express and Informix Innovator-C Editions, IBM increases CPU and memory usage limits with release 14.10xC2.

The increase makes Informix even more attractive for small and medium-size applications.

The upgrade was made without a special announcement - through changes in the license terms with the release of Informix 14.10.xC2.

Customers who upgrade to this version with a new license or an update as part of their product maintenance, will benefit from the enhancements. The extensions do not apply to older releases, also because the limits are fixed in the source.

For more details on the conversion, with replacements and conversion factors, please click here ...

Announcement of IBM price adjustments for Informix 14.10

PreisupdateIBM announces worldwide price adjustments for its software portfolio with an announcement on September 10th. This includes Informix products from January 1, 2020.

For sales within the Federal Republic of Germany, Informix prices will be increased by approximately 3%. This applies to both new licenses and product maintenance (renewals).

Registered visitors can view IBM's prices for Informix 14.10 here!

An excerpt from the announcement can be found here:

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