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3. Partnership and cooperation

PartnershipASL licensing is partnership on the highest level
You know the way to the customer!

With your work, you improve your software with the integration of IBM solutions to a technical and attractively priced product. For IBM, you are an independent software provider (ISV, Independent Software Vendor) or a technology partner (TP), who distributes (indirectly) IBM software.

What does CURSOR do? - We connect!

We are the mediator between you and IBM. We are your contact person for all issues towards IBM: software, licenses, maintenance and service, pricing, and accounting. You talk only to us which facilitates your work considerably.

How does it work?

CURSOR supplies you directly with license material, software, and service. Your final clients are not involved.

You are the licensor towards your customer through your product. Only you can offer maintenance and support for these licenses.

Your client cannot turn to the manufacturer or a third-party supplier to acquire licenses or maintenance for the IBM parts of your solution. Your solution and the software maintenance stay in your hands.

Via CURSOR, you can obtain maintenance and support services. You render the support itself - depending on the problem with recourse to the CURSOR support department. Our support is in touch with the according IBM departments.

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