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License Managment

Lizenzen-29728282-160x112Licenses are the goods when it comes to the sale and usage of software. This fact is often overshadowed by the practical aspects of an application. Which application is verifiably covered by which license is a question that is often unanswered. In the last years, license checks, audit and compliance procedures showed the necessity of a better license management by the licensees.

We can help you with that here.
Many of our ISVs use our service for license management.

Within the scope of the operational cooperation, we offer for our ISVs the management of their ASL licenses up to final customer or installation level.

This includes a regular report about the license basis as well as upcoming maintenance renewals. With these regular listings, our ISVs know the stock of their ASL licensing. No turnover escapes at the extension of installations and the danger of a possible sub-licensing is reduced.

Of course, our service covers a feedback on the maintenance situation of the single licenses as the foundation for possible negotiations with the final customer and a renewal towards IBM on time. With this regular cycle, the operational execution keeps moving. That way, maintenance-free time periods, fees for reestablishment, and possible renegotiation can be avoided.

In doing so, we respond to the specific needs of our ISVs. We can reduce ASL licenses to anonymous serial numbers or maintain them detailed with end customer data, up to release states and system environments.

If you have general questions about software licensing of IBM, we recommend our sales information from May 2012: Licensing in IBM environment. c181

You can find the current license terms of IBM in the area SALES among the respective products. c181

In case of specific questions, please get in touch with our contact person on the subject licensing:

Jürgen Storch

Dipl. Inf. (FH) – License management
Phone:    +49 (0) 641 / 40 000 311
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Send a request c181


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