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Frage-29728308-160x112ASL/OEM licensing offers the adaptation of your requirements as a software manufacturer and sales partner. Together with IBM and yourself, we develop application specific agreements, so that you can integrate IBM software in your customer and application environment.

Thereby, details of the areas technology, product range, or licensing often make an integration of ASL software more difficult. Technical questions about feasibility, functional requirements, availability of features, minimum and maximum limit in the installation environment, or a suiting licensing are some of the criteria which are to be checked, and negotiated if necessary, in the light of an appropriate pricing.

That way, intensive contact to IBM automatically arises in the areas support, development, and marketing. We use this contact to pick up problem cases from practice and work towards a general clarification.

Did you know that

  • most feature requests related to Informix in the last three years were submitted by us
  • within the scope of the repositioning of Informix, we made an important contribution in the arrangement of the editions,
  • we pick up cases of doubt in the licensing terms continuously and push for clarification?

Criticism is the motor of improvement.

Help us, describe your point of criticism around the use of IBM database software – we search for answers!

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