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DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature for Linux, UNIX, and Windows 11.1

Advanced database backup, recovery and data extraction solution for DB2

The IBM® DB2® Advanced Recovery Feature combines three DB2 tools for advanced database backup, recovery and data extraction. These tools help improve data availability, mitigate risk and accelerate crucial administrative tasks. IBM DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature can be purchased separately and used with various DB2 Editions.

DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature includes:
  • Backup capabilities through IBM DB2 Merge Backup for Linux, UNIX and Windows.
  • Recovery and log analysis features through IBM DB2 Recovery Expert for Linux, UNIX and Windows.
  • Unload functions through IBM Optim High Performance Unload for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows.

DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature for Linux, UNIX, and Windows 11.1 is available in conjunction with the DB2 11.1 database release. This feature consists of advanced database backup, recovery, and data extraction tools that can help you improve data availability, mitigate risk, and accelerate crucial administrative tasks when time is of the essence. New features of the tools include support for DB2 11.1, including using the tools with DB2 native encryption.

The Advanced Recovery Feature bundle contains the following new releases of the included tools:
  • DB2 Merge Backup for Linux, UNIX, and Windows V3.1
  • DB2 Recovery Expert for Linux, UNIX, and Windows V5.1
  • Optim High Performance Unload for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows V6.1

Trial versions of the DB2 Advanced Recovery Feature are available on developerWorks or as part of the DB2 advanced Editions/DB2 Developers Edition packages.

Program charges:

DB2 11.1 Advanced Recovery Feature is available under AUSI, PVU, per terabyte, and new DB2 Flex charge metrics. You must acquire the same metric and number of entitlements as you have acquired for the DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows server that you will be running this feature on.

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DB2 Developer Edition V11.1

Evaluate, demonstrate, develop and test database and warehousing applications

IBM® DB2® Developer Edition enables you to develop, test, evaluate and demonstrate database and warehousing applications in a non-production environment. The solution offers data warehousing, transactional and analytics capabilities in one package. It provides advanced features such as storage optimization, in-memory computing, system availability, and workload management tools to help you create next-generation applications.

DB2 Developer Edition offers these features and benefits:
  • Includes all DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition features.
  • Enables you to improve application performance and analytics for faster decisions.
  • Delivers high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Packages a suite of design, development and performance management tools to enhance productivity.

DB2 Developer Edition offers a package for a single application developer to design, build, test, and prototype applications for deployment on any of the DB2 client or server platforms. This comprehensive developer offering includes DB2 Workgroup Server Edition, DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition, DB2 Enterprise Server Edition, DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition, DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition, and all of the built-in DB2 11.1 capabilities, enabling you to build solutions that use the latest data server technologies.

Program charges:

The software in this package cannot be used for production systems. You must acquire a separate Authorized User license for each unique person who is given access to the Program.

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DB2 Express-C Edition

Develop, deploy and distribute DB2 at no charge

IBM® DB2® Express-C is a no-charge community edition of DB2 database software, which provides the core features of more scalable DB2 editions. It is designed for ease of use and fast setup, and is ideal for academia, small businesses and multi-branch companies.

For more advanced features such as DB2 pureScale and BLU Acceleration, the solution can be upgraded without requiring modification to your applications.

For users who require technical support or additional functions, DB2 Workgroup Server Edition and DB2 Direct Standard Edition are more suitable options.

DB2 Express-C offers these features and benefits:
  • Provides advanced security to protect your data.
  • Uses Time Travel Query to provide bi-temporal data management.
  • Delivers an integrated tools environment with IBM Data Studio for easier management and development.
  • Contains the SQL compatibility feature to more easily run applications written for other databases on DB2.


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DB2 Direct Standard Edition V11.1

DB2 Direct Standard Edition includes all the functionality from the DB2 Workgroup Server Edition for digital delivery.

Program charges: DB2 Direct Standard Edition is available on a Virtual CPU charge metric. You are restricted to 16 virtual processor cores and 128 GB of instance memory. These restrictions are per physical or virtual server except in a pureScale or DPF cluster where the restrictions apply to the entire cluster.

Part of the IBM License Agreement for licensing VPC:

Virtual Processor Core is a unit of measure by which the Program can be licensed. A Physical Server is a physical computer that is comprised of processing units, memory, and input/output capabilities and that executes requested procedures, commands, or applications for one or more users or client devices. Where racks, blade enclosures, or other similar equipment is being employed, each separable physical device (for example, a blade or a rack-mounted device) that has the required components is considered itself a separate Physical Server. A Virtual Server is either a virtual computer created by partitioning the resources available to a Physical Server or an unpartitioned Physical Server. A Processor Core (commonly called a processor or CPU) is a functional unit within a computing device that interprets and executes instructions. A Processor Core consists of at least an instruction control unit and one or more arithmetic or logic unit. A Virtual Processor Core is a Processor Core in an unpartitioned Physical Server, or a virtual core assigned to a Virtual Server. Licensee must obtain entitlement for each Virtual Processor Core made available to the Program.

For each Physical Server, Licensee must have sufficient entitlements for the lesser of 1) the sum of all available Virtual Processor Cores on all Virtual Servers made available to the Program or 2) all available Processor Cores on the Physical Server.

Unless an exception is expressly set out in this License Information below, the Program must be licensed for a minimum of 2 Virtual Processor Cores for all physical and virtual servers on which the Program is installed. If the Program is used on a cluster of servers configured to work together using either database partitioning or pureScale clustering technology, then the minimum of 2 Virtual Processor Cores applies to the cluster of servers.

Source: IBM License Agreement DB2 Direct Standard Edition 11.1 5725-Z98

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