Important notice for IBM Db2 customers

IBM announces important changes in the Db2 portfolio with Announcement  ZP19-0261 and  ZP19-081 of June 4, 2019

IBM will offer the Db2 database system only over three editions:

  • Db2 Community Edition
  • Db2 Standard Edition
  • Db2 Advanced Edition

The Db2 Standard and Db2 Advanced Edition will be licensed only through the Virtual Processor Core Metric (VPC)
(or for non-productive systems by Authorized Users). For existing licensing, conversions to VPCs will be provided.

The Db2 Workgroup Edition is currently in conversion. No new licenses will be offered for it and from 1.11.2019 no maintenance extensions will be offered. There will be a conversion to the Db2 Standard Edition and VPC licensing.

For a conversion of their licenses to VPCs, Db2 customers are asked to contact their IBM reseller.

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DB2 10.5 product lines and editions

Tabular comparison of DB2 10.5 editions

  • Requirements
  • Features
  • Restrictions



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  DB2 Advanced Edition DB2 Standard Edition DB2 Community Edition
License models available VPC
max. socket count unlimited max. sockets results from max. cores max. sockets results from max. cores
max. cores count unlimited 16 4
max. memory unlimited 128 16
max. storage unlimited unlimited 100 GigaByte User-Data per Database
Advanced Recovery Feature
Performance Management Offering allowed
Blue Acceleration available
pureScale available
Data Partitioning available
Compression (row, adaptive, index) available
Federation Capabilities (more as DB2 and Informix) available
Materialized Querys available
Workload Management available
MQ Replication available
CDC Replication available

features in the license not included

DB2 Advanced Edition

  • nothing

DB2 Standard Edition

  • nothing

DB2 Community Edition

  • nothing

Productgroup DB2:
(Here you can find more information about the DB2 product group)

  • IBM DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition
  • IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition
  • IBM DB2 Workgroup Server Edition
  • IBM DB2 Express Edition
  • IBM DB2 Express-C Edition
  • DB2 Content Manager
  • DB2 Alphablox
  • DB2 Connect
  • DB2 Content Manager
  • DB2 Document Manager
  • DB2 Data Entity
  • DB2 Data Warehouse
  • DB2 Everyplace
  • DB2 KnowledgeX
  • DB2 Query
  • DB2 Records Manager
  • DB2 Tools 
  • DB2 UDB


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IBM Db2 for purchasers

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Product lines



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Placing ordersPlacing orders

Placing orders

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IBM OEM licensing

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Informix for purchasers

IBM Db2 for purchasersIBM Db2 for purchasers

IBM Db2 for purchasers

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