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Admin-Scout 3.3 - Informix Enterprise Replication

Admin-Scout 3.3
Informix Enterprise Replication Module

Informix ERInformix Enterprise Replication is a powerful way to replicate data assets across distributed installations and keep them consistent.

With version 3.3, Admin-Scout helps Informix administrators to set up, configure and monitor Informix Enterprise Replications.

This article provides an overview of Informix Enterprise Replication with our Admin-Scout for Informix.

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Admin-Scout 3.3
Development and Release Steps

All changes up to Release 3.3
of November 2022

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Admin-Scout 3.2 - New ONCONFIG Module

Admin-Scout 3.2

Informix compareWith the ONCONFIG Explorer, Admin-Scout 3.2 offers a completely new module for managing ONCONFIG variables.

The goal of our development was to clearly summarize the ONCONFIG variables in one place and to present all information related to selected variables.

The ONCONFIG Explorer displays all ONCONFIG variables alphabetically sorted in a tree structure. A search field can be used to narrow down the number of hits.

For all documented variables a help button supports the quick display of the reference entry from the manual.

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Admin-Scout 3.2 - Create individual users / test roles with the SQL Editor

Admin-Scout 3.2
Create individual users / Test roles with the SQL-Editor

Informix compareCustomized use of the Admin-Scout thanks to the new role concept

Whereas Admin-Scout previously only knew the default users "cursoradmin" and "openadmin", the new version 3.2 allows the creation of individual users. In combination with a dedicated assignment of rights on menu level, different roles can now be built up specifically.

Checking role and rights concepts with the SQL-Editor

Administrators have to deal with roles and access rights of database users. To make it possible to check the rights of a user, the new version allows to test accesses of the SQL-Editor under a different user name

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Admin-Scout 3.2 - New Storage Module

Admin-Scout 3.2
New Storage Module

Informix compareThe entire storage administration clearly arranged in one module!

Admin-Scout 3.2 offers a complete overhaul and restructuring of storage management. The new module combines storage administration and reporting in one menu item. Administrators are now able to see all storage objects immediately through a hierarchically sorted object tree. A simple click provides all relevant details, sensibly organized via individual tabs.

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